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Cleopatra's Tigress

I am a creature of darkness...along with other things *low toned snarl*

23 May
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I am

an artist
a writer of poems and stories
a fantasy/furry/anthro Addict
a music lover
a Gemini
a lover of animals
deeply spiritual
a loving & caring friend
friendly to people that are friendly to me

Im a very passionate person, ya wanna talk, just message me on DA, FA, or Skype.


my pet!

"Don't get too close to a tiger, it may trick you." <--- Listen to those words, they are the most truthful words known.
'80s culture, '80s music, abandoned buildings, acting, anceint history, animals, animation, anime, anthro, anthropomorphic, anthropomorphic art, art, art therapy, bass guitar, bats, being a furry, biking, bisexuals, black, blogging, blood, blue, books, camping, canines, cartoons, cats, cheese, chinchillas, chocolate, coffee, collecting junk, coloring books, comics, computers, concerts, cons, conventions, corsets, coyotes, crafting, creative writing, daggers, dancing, death, deviantart, dogs, dragons, drawing, driving, edward scissorhands, erotica, exploring, family, fantasy, felines, fennecs, ferrets, flying, fma, forests, foxes, friends, full metal alchemist, furaffinity, furries, furry, furrys, furs, fursuiting, fursuits, furtopia, hair, halloween, heaven, hell, hiking, internet, lakes, legands, life, listening to the coyotes, literature, love, making fursuits, malls, manga, massages, mice, monty python, music, mystical, mysticism, myths, nakedness, oceans, people who are different, pets, photography, pikachu, pirates, plastic, poetry, pools, pouncing, psychology, purple, raccoons, rats, ravens, reading, recreation, reincarnation, rivers, rodents, romance, rpg, ruins, science fiction, sculpting, sex, shiny things, showers, singing, sketching, skunks, sleep, snakes, snuggling, streams, stripes, swimming, taco bell, tattoos, the dark crystal, the moon, toys, ultraviolet, video games, walking, water, watercolor pencils, weasels, wicca, wildlife, wings, witchcraft, wolves, writing, zoos